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Home of the Eagles
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to the questions we hear asked most often. Please read through the information provided, and contact us with any additional questions you may have. You may also find what you’re looking for in our student handbook, which you will find in the quick links section of our Home page.

What is the dress code at Mark Twain?

We expect our students to show respect and be safe in everything they do. Our new dress code policy reflects that. At Mark Twain, immodest, drug/alcohol, or gang-related clothing is never acceptable, including red or royal blue clothing and pro-sport apparel. All clothing should fit properly, cover the belly button, extend below the fingertips when standing, and be free of holes, rips, or excessive wear. All students must wear collared shirts with sleeves, close-toed shoes, and/or school sponsored clothing at each school event. For more information, please refer to our student handbook.

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What will happen if my child becomes ill at school?

Should your child become ill at school, we will make every effort to contact you promptly. We will care for your child in our nurse’s station until you or another designated adult arrives. Please be sure to keep your emergency contact information updated in our records. If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, we will follow stand emergency procedures. Children should be fever/symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school.

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How do I get involved or volunteer at Mark Twain?

All students benefit from a healthy home-to-school relationship. Although we understand not everyone can volunteer in our classrooms, we encourage you to get involved at Mark Twain in any way you can. Perhaps you’d like to commit to our site council and help us meet educational improvement goals. Or maybe you can join us for student award assemblies and field trips. Wherever you fit, we want to express our gratitude and excitement about partnering with you. New volunteers should contact your child’s teacher or our front office for more information and/or necessary paperwork.

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Does my child really get to bring home the school-supplied iPad?

We are proud participants of the district’s One2One technology program. This program issues iPads to each of our students for anytime, anywhere learning. We loan students the iPads “on deposit,” much like textbooks, with the understanding that students will use and care for them appropriately and replace them if they damage or lose them. Our students are welcome to take their issued iPad home each evening as long as they remember to bring them back to school (fully charged) and ready for another day of learning.

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What is the daily schedule at Mark Twain?

For information about the Mark Twain bell schedule, please visit the Our School page.

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