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English Learners Advisory Committee

The English learner advisory committee is here to serve the students in our school who need a little extra support in the English language. We meet throughout the year to discuss and plan ways to help improve the lives and education of our English language learners at Mark Twain Elementary School.

Meeting Dates and Times

The 2017-2018 English learner advisory committee meeting schedule is now available. Please mark your calendars with the meeting dates.

Committee Members

  • Chairperson/Presidente:Maricela Aguilar (10/17-6/19) 
  • Co-Chairperson/Copresidente: Teresa Aguilar (10/17-6/19) 
  • Secretary/Secretario:Tammie Hutton 
  • DELAC: Irma Castaneda (10/17-6/19) 
  • Amalia Arellano (10/17-6/19), Ana Murillo (10/16-6/18) 
  • Mike Anderson, Silvia Gonzalez, Angela Garcia