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Our school year is full of activities and events we’d like to share with you. This page helps us do just that. Here we’ll post upcoming event details, special school or district reports you should be aware of, or helpful articles that might interest you. Check back often for the latest!

PBIS Activities and Dress Up Days

PBIS Activities and Dress Up DaysMark your calendars for our PBIS activities and dress up days.

  • September 25 - Sports/Games
    Favorite sports dress-up
  • October 30 - Magician Assembly
    Wizard dress-up
  • November 20 - Game Puzzle Day
    Pattern/puzzle dress-up
  • December 18 - Winterfest
    Santa's Village dress-up
  • January 29 - iPad games
    Game/gamer dress-up day
  • February 26 - Disney cartoon day
    Disney dress-up
  • March 25 - Arts and Crafts
    Tie dye dress-up
  • April 29 - Spring Fling
    Neon colors dress-up
  • May 27 - Field Day
    Star Wars dress-up